From National Review, Bulverism at The Bulwark by Dan McLaughlin

Trump, after all, is an essentially weak and personally indolent president, unfamiliar with how the levers of power work. At every turn, when he does good things or bad things, he finds himself thwarted by a solid wall of opposition from the judiciary, the legal profession, the federal civil service, the mainstream media, the universities, and a constellation of other powerful American institutions. Our nation has a strong immune system against threats of the sort Trump presents. It has a very weak immune system against threats of the sort Harris presents. Virtually every abuse of power she champions would have all of those institutions lining up to support her. The notion that anyone in the Democratic Party would stand against any of this is laughable to anyone who lived through the Obama and Clinton administrations. Even if I concluded, yet again, that I could not in good conscience vote for Trump, the last thing I would want to do with a candidate such as Kamala Harris is lend my endorsement, when it is likely that Biden and Harris will win and we shall all badly need to raise the alarm against what is likely to follow.


Read the whole article for a list of the reasons Ms. Harris is the greater threat, based on her identifiable record. She may be to the left of Bernie Sanders.