An excellent read from David Solway at Pajama Media, The Insanity of Progressivism Comes Right Out of Gulliver’s Travels:

Of course, the original Lagadians were not, technically speaking, socialists; they were fantasists pursing a collective delusion. But then, socialism is a fantasy no less destructive of social order and productive life than the Lagadian array of political and pseudo-scientific hallucinations, with which socialism bears a close affinity. To avoid descent into madness, reason must accommodate itself to reality. Sundered from the world as it is and divorced from nature, it generates only caricatures and deformities rather than solutions and pragmatic proposals for improvement. Having studied in the cloisters of our “woke” universities and relishing their epistemology of deceit, the New Lagadians turn the world upside-down and pretend that it is right-side-up. Having had the added benefit of reading Marx and Gramsci, and believing, as Justin Haskins writes in Socialism Is Evil,* that “people will choose to behave in ways that seem contradictory to all human history and nature,” they will not rest until they have succeeded in the “unmaking of reality,” transforming a functioning economy and a great nation into an utter wasteland. They have, in effect, become proponents of what we may call transrealism.


A very illuminating and clever comparison of contemporary Progressivism to Gulliver’s Travels.  I must reread it.  The American founders used reason to unleash freedom.  The Europeans used reason to crush it.  Reason without freedom constructs a reality rather than recognizing it as it  is and adapting to it.  Constructing a reality is a despotic enterprise.