from Peggy Noonan in The Wall Street Journal, Everyone Knows the Truth About Politics:

I close with a last thing everyone knows, if they only think a minute. When we talk about politics we all obsess on alt-right and progressive left, those peas in a sick pod, and no one speaks of the center, which is vast and has something neither way-left nor way-right has, and that is a motivating love for America itself, and not for abstractions and ideologies and theories of the case. As a group they are virtually ignored, and yet they are the center of everything. They include those of the left who are no longer comfortable in a new progressive party. And rightists not comfortable with Mr. Trump, or with the decisions and approaches of the Bush era. It includes those experiencing ongoing EID—extreme ideological discomfort.

In this cycle they continue to be the great ignored. And everyone knows.


In the article she refers to Burham’s Laws.  They are:

  1. Everybody knows everything.
  2. Who says A must say B.
  3. Just as good, isn’t.
  4. You cannot invest in retrospect.
  5. Wherever there is prohibition there’s a bootlegger.
  6. In every project there’s a Schlamm.
  7. You can’t divorce yourself.
  8. Every member must pay his dues.
  9. No excuse, sir.
  10. If there’s no alternative, there’s no problem.