I was concerned about Kavanaugh’s lack of emotional composure even in the face of such unfounded accusations.  I would have preferred more serene sarcasm as a means to make fools of his accusers.  Opinions will vary if it would have been as effective.

I would have preferred he had not accused his accusers of partisan retribution.  I attribute this and other comments to his lack of composure.  Is this failure reason enough to keep him off the Supreme Court? No, but it was not a positive reason either. If I was 50/50 it would have tipped me the other way, but…

The behavior of the Democrats was so shameful, unprofessional, and hostile that it backfired.  Even if they succeed is keeping Kavanaugh off the bench they have fired up the opposition’s base.  Americans can tolerate blatant partisanship, but they recoil when basic tenets of fairness and civility are shredded.

A charge with no corroboration should never have made it to the floor.  It should have been addressed and dismissed in committee. Feinstein’s delay and politically timed release was reprehensible, and she should be censured for it. Regardless of what happens with Kavanaugh there should be a full Senate investigation into the tactics deployed by the Democrats on the committee.

Allowing accusations to stand as facts is unacceptable. This is Stalinism and McCarthyism.   This will come back to haunt them.

These despicable tactics became a factor in the decision to confirm. Graham extorted that a vote against Kavanaugh was a vote for these deplorable tactics and an invitation to use them again.  Allowing this to succeed would be the worst option.

The anger of the Resistance got the better of them and exposed a dark side that many had long believed but now have no doubt.