Identity Politics has gone nuclear over the Kavanaugh confirmation.  Democrats want Roe V Wade to be made sacred law and untouchable. How do they reconcile this with the belief in the Constitution to be a living breathing document to be determined by nine unelected judges?

The Democrats would be wise to bring the Roe case to Congressional law.  If the Republicans voted against it the Democrats would take both Houses. If it passes, then the issue removes the most divisive block to future SCOTUS nominations.  But…. without this cudgel the Democrats would be short a critical political weapon. They may have more to fear by solving this problem.

The Kavanaugh process has unclothed Identity politics to disclose that we should no longer share even the most fundament constitutional rights.

When your only tool is a hammer.  The racist calumny against Trump is repeated endlessly from the left.  There are lots of criticism against Trump I could agree with, but this is not one of them.

What drives the left nuts about Trump is his rejection of the norms of political correctness.  He refuses to play by their rules. Reminds me of the clip from Butch Cassidy: