The left has unleashed forces that threaten to turn on them.

Victimization or identity politics has turned up in the offices of Hollywood and media; two of the cultural safe houses of the left. Harvey Weinstein opened the door and unleashed charges against actors and media personalities.

The Russians in WW II attempted to use dogs to blow up German tanks by strapping bombs to them, but the dogs could not distinguish a German tank from a Russian tank. In the noise and chaos of battle you can imagine the results that quickly ended the tactic.  The left had hoped that their outage would be limited to Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly, but Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose also became victims. Roy Moore may have been cock blocked (pun absolutely intended), but so was Al Franken.

How many of the Stinger missiles we sent to Afghanistan to fight the Soviets did we face decades later?

For years Democrats gerrymandered districts to retain power. Yet over the last ten years their power has eroded in most non-urban counties. Now we witness crocodile tears over Republican gerrymandering.  If gerrymandering is replaced by ‘scientific’ districting the Democrats may yet again be surprised at the results. Urban concentrations of power may be divided and weakened.   Minority districts may suffer.

Elizabeth Warren is upset that the Mick Mulvaney at the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) is not accountable to Congress, yet she is the very person who so designed the agency.  She could envision a GOP Congress, but not a Trump staffing her creation.

Harry Reid blew up the filibuster for lower court appointees and now Trump can more easily appoint “Scalias all the way down.”

The left has furthered centralized power and up to now the Republicans could at best stall the rise of the administrative state, but never reverse it.

The left did more than enable Trump, they armed him.