from Kevin Williamson at National Review An Enemies List Is Not a Philosophy :

When the moral equivalent of World War II is not available, then the next best thing is the moral equivalent of Hitler. This is the style of political rhetoric that insists that those who hold different views do not simply disagree and are not simply wrong but instead are evildoers doing evil. “You know who else would have laughed at my preferred pronouns? Hitler.” “You know who else would have opposed same-sex marriage? Hitler.” “You know who else didn’t like pineapple on his pizza? Hitler.” Hence the current Democratic style of insisting that Republicans are not simply people with different political preferences but are in fact anti-intellectual bigots. Democrats insist that Republicans are driven by racism, religious bigotry, sexism, hatred of homosexuals, hatred of Muslims, etc., or else that they are acting out of greed in the service of some obscure program of self-enrichment. When you hear a Democrat say that some Texas conservative supports gun rights because the NRA pays him to, what you’re hearing is: “That guy is Hitler.”


Demonizing your opponent is the easy and lazy alternative to rational argument.