What if Donald Trump wins the nomination, faces Hillary, she is actually indicted and Bernie becomes the standard bearer for the Dems?  Trump wins in a landslide.

What if Trump wins the White House but Congress is still inhabited by establishment Republicans and Democrats?  Finally there would be unity between the two parties in their rediscovery of the constitutional powers of Congress and their objection to Executive orders and unconstitutional executive power. The Democrats had no such will under Obama and the few Republican voices of opposition were lost in the wind.

What if both Hillary and Donald win their party nominations?  Never have we seen both candidates so bullet proof and such rich targets.  Republicans fear what the Democrats will unleash on the Donald, but there is a long sordid history to unleash on Hillary as well.  And unlike Mitt, Donald will punch back twice as hard. Negative campaigning will reach a level unimaginable before and neither side will be short of money.

Both parties have a constituency that has nearly pledged or indicated that they will not support the current front runners.  What if Bernie Sanders’ followers prefer Trump to Hillary?  Trump may lose some conservatives and establishment Republicans, but that does not mean all Democrats will fall in line with Hillary.  What if Trump attracts more Democrats than Hillary attracts Republicans?

What if political parties become increasingly irrelevant?

What if Donald Trump wins and both parties and the voters rediscover the genius of the Constitution and its restrictions on central power?

What if the establishment political leaders, finally realizing the futility of opposing their extremely tarnished candidates resign to their victory and unite to impeach them at the first available opportunity?

The Republicans are plagued by a big tent.  Various factions long tolerated by establishment leaders have united and formed a ruling coalition leaving the establishment Republicans in a minority.  While some of his stances on free trade and first amendment rights cause legitimate concern, he represents many conservative economic stances without the strong stances against gay rights and abortion restrictions that marginalize many economic conservatives?  What if Donald’s success redefines the Republican Party into an economically conservative party with greater tolerance on the social issues?

What if the revolution against political correctness that defines Trump’s campaign catches on and free speech returns to our college campuses?

What if Donald wins the nomination, wins the election, moderates his tones and positions, taps into the economic potential that has been locked up for the last eight years and rides an economic boom?

There are endless scenarios, good and bad, that one’s imagination can conjure.  But there two realizations that we face; there is a political shift occurring of historical significance that has been grossly misjudged and underestimated by traditional media and analysts, and…….  Donald Trump can win.