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The Trump is dissatisfied with the questions posed by Megyn Kelly.  Allow me to frame a few questions for the Donald that may be more specific and pertinent.

  1. You have clearly been quite successful in real estate and media, and you imply that this success is largely due to your well-honed negotiating skills.  Do you think the dynamics of negotiating with sovereign, culturally diverse, nations with a wide variety of noncommercial objectives from human rights to national security may be quite different from the normal dynamics of business negotiations?  How are they different?  Would you need to adjust your style? How?
  2. The constitution structured our government to divide and limit government power.  Do you think the original intent to limit the power of the central government is still valid? Do you think we have exceeded that intent and if so what would you do to restore a proper balance?
  3. For the last fifty years the welfare state has greatly expanded and more working age citizens are dependent on the government.  While it has succeeded in largely eliminating great poverty it has also increased dependency?  What part of the welfare state do you consider a success and what part do you consider a failure? What would you do to correct the failures?
  4. While unemployment is down from the recession high, broader measures which include those who have exited the job search and those underemployed are still quite high.  Furthermore, middle class incomes have stagnated for years.   To what extent do you think current fiscal policy is responsible for this condition?  What changes would you make?  Do you think a higher federal minimum wage would help or hurt the state of unemployment? How?
  5. What are the characteristics of a strong ally in foreign affairs?  What nations would you consider a strong ally?  What limits in commitment should such strong allies be subjected to?
  6. You have mentioned your special relationships with various levels of government to pursue your business interests. Some criticize this process as crony capitalism.  What would you consider examples of an improper relationship between private business and government?
  7. For the first time in many decades the number of businesses closing their doors has exceeded the number of startups.  What would you pursue to reverse this trend?
  8. Do you believe that man’s influence on global warming is irreversibly catastrophic and imminent? Do you believe that the science pertaining to AGW is certain and irrefutable?  Do you believe that any of the proposals being considered would have any material impact on this trend?
  9. What significant changes would you propose to make in the tax code and the tax rates?
  10. What federal agencies would you propose to either overhaul, eliminate, or consolidate?
  11. Do you really think Megyn Kelly is a bimbo?