from the New York Times Sunday June 28, 2015, All in the Family Guys– an interview with Set McFarlane and Norman Lear:

SM: Not today. If you make a thoughtful statement, or even ask a question about an uncomfortable subject today, you are pounced on by a thousand different media outlets that will eat you for breakfast.

PG: Because it’s not P.C.?

SM: Partially, but it’s more than that. There’s a whole industry that piles on, and it’s a harmful industry because it’s made people resistant to speak their minds. It doesn’t matter what you believe personally if they can fix their mold of what they want you to be.

NL: America’s biggest export is excess. We are excessive about everything. And we’ve become consumers of excess rather than citizens. Media doesn’t inform so much as it argues, bumper-sticker-style. Context is everything, and we get very little context now. We just get the “Boom!”