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The Buck Stops Way Over There

Peggy Noonan writes in The Wall Street Journal, The IRS Can’t Plead Incompetence, 6/6/13 Excerpts: If the agency didn’t know what it was doing, it wouldn’t have done it so well. In March 2012, the organization, which argues the case…

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How Roe v Wade Affected the Economy

Europe and Japan have parliamentary democracies where parties represent their share of the vote.  In the United States, it’s winner takes all.  This has distilled U.S. politics to a two party system, and that makes it easier for a large…

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We Serve the Bureaucracy

From Jeff Jacoby at The Boston Globe, Is this any way to help the poor? Excerpts: At the end of 2012, a record47.8 million people were on food stamps. Of the 115 million households in the United States, 23 million —…

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Liberal Manners

From The Guardian, Why are liberals so rude to the right?, by Leften Wright (gotta be a pen name) Excerpts: Wouldn’t it be better for America if liberals really were liberal, and listened to other points of view? President Nixon…

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Sophisticated Deconstruction

Dan Greenfield write in his blog Sultan Knish The Unverifiable World. Excerpts: Our civilization is sophisticated enough to deconstruct everything but incapable of constructing anything. We’re still capable of a certain amount of technological innovation in the consumer realm, but outside…

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Bureaucracies Defy Solutions

From Investor’s Business Daily, Many Ideas From The 1960s Now Look Threadbare And Foolish by Victor Davis Hanson. Excerpts: Affirmative action and enforced “diversity” were originally designed to give a boost to those who were victims of historical bias from…

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