There have been two movies recently about terrorist attacks on the Whitehouse; Olympus has Fallen  and White House Down.  The second one even has a black president played by Jamie Fox.  I can’t decide if it is wishful thinking  or a desire to turn the president from a boring administrator into an action hero.  I wonder if someone just overheard the idea at a lunch meeting and blatantly stole it.  We will know if this is a Hollywood conspiracy if the Supreme Court becomes the next target for an action movie.  I pick Craig Robinson to play Clarence Thomas.

Craig Robinson

Major social changes such as the acceptance of gay marriage goes though phases.  Hostility becomes tolerance, tolerance becomes acceptance, and acceptance becomes embrace.  I think that we are at this point just moving from tolerance to acceptance.

Much of the language of the AGW debate indicates fears of extremes, including an incredible intolerance and demonization of dissent.   One of the reasons for this in my worthless opinion is our tendency towards what I call “emotional rationalism”-  our tendency to form opinions with emotional responses first  and then rationalize them with selective facts (and likewise ignoring facts and perspectives that contradict our first emotional response).   Our emotional rationalism explains more about our political preferences as well and that is why our political preference is so caught up in the AGW debate.

The exposure of the abuse of our basic civil liberties is one of the most promising displays we have long seen.  Moral supremacists are just benevolent tyrants.  Their tyranny becomes much more obvious when they feel their benevolence is no longer appreciated.  Our constitution was meant to stop tyranny even in its less obvious forms. For this administration the constitution seems to be an obstacle to social change and justice that must be overcome rather than an assurance of  liberty that must be protected.

Gold is melting. Prices have dropped from a high of $1890 in 2011 to $1180.  What have we said here about gold?  Read the Gold Bubble. and The Gold Trap : “The constant barrage of companies promoting gold on nearly every media outlet seems more like the activity associated with a top in the market than a bottom.  If money is so worthless and gold is so valuable then why is the dealer so willing to exchange his valuable gold for a mere $1500 an ounce?”