One of the joys of the internet is that you are no longer limited to the tastes and bias of a media elite.  One can focus on the stories, issues and perspectives that interest you and not what a selected few decides YOU should know or be exposed to.

As bloggers post and read other bloggers we create an exchange or a market of stories often neglected by any mainstream source.  Sometimes these stories get so much traction that the MSM can no longer neglect them and they become widely disseminated.

But our postings certainly reflect our own (my own) biases.  I am biased against unions- I think they are largely lying thugs concerned with their own power and self interest.  They increasingly unable to sell their value in the private market, and thus they resort to political power to force the public to support their  bloated benefits. Their violent protests to restricting their political  power is the  last gasp of a dying institution.

I am also biased against crony capitalism- businesses and industry that rely more on political favoritism than market effectiveness and creative energy.

I believe that government solutions tend to create additional problems that end up dwarfing the problem they tried to solve. The relationship we often call public private partnerships is similar to the relationship between a pimp and a prostitute although it depends on the situation to determine which party is the pimp.

I find that most thinkers do not fit neatly into a simplistic binary political labeling system.  Partisan hacks defy thinking because they place greater emphasis on who said what than the content itself.

I am a main street capitalist and a global realist.  There is evil that must be confronted.  In politics and particularly in foreign affairs, the perfect is the enemy of the good. We reject good solutions because of their short comings and end up with problems perpetuated by inactions and short term pragmatism.

Yes I have my biases. I believe my biases are justified by extensive reading, thought, perspective and personal experience. I am sure others who disagree with me believe their biases are justified in the same way.

I just think they are wrong.