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An Economy of Empty Buildings

Every day on my 9.4 mile drive from my house along Eisenhower Parkway to our business at General Steel on Broadway I count empty buildings. Entire strip centers are abandoned. Free standing stores are boarded up.  The Macon Mall must…

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An Interest Rate Conundrum

Historically we have believed lower interest rates will stimulate the economy, yet we now have record low interest rates and economic growth is very weak while unemployment remains very high. Part of the reason is that the expected effects of…

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Throwing In the Towel

In December of last year I posted at this blog The Second Wave of Unemployment.  An excerpt from that post: Those of us who took a wait and see approach will generate another wave of layoffs. It will not be…

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The Country Class

Angelo Codevilla uses the term “Country Class” as the antithesis of the Ruling Class. In his article in the American Spectator, “The Ruling Class– and The Perils of Revolution” (July- August 2010)  he writes: Describing America’s country class is problematic…

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