My article in American Thinker.
Distractions used to hide Obamacare’s failures


But public outbursts fit much better into 20 second news bites than pertinent analysis or clarification of the substance of the bill that is causing such concern. It’s just too boring to report how adding a 3.8%  tax to investment income on top of another  5% point increase in capital gains taxes may reduce the private investment incentive that is needed to create jobs. They did say that creating jobs was important didn’t  they?

They certainly don’t want to wade into political philosophy and explain how one individual’s need for something entails a claim on another citizen’s assets.  Is the Constitution supposed to insure liberty or enforce equality? Is the government supposed to be the problem solver of last resort?  Can virtues in the hands of the individual become vices in the hand of the government?

Who cares that requiring health insurance while eliminating pre-existing conditions, requiring coverage for preventive care,  and capping the cost on the elderly will by the process of elimination dramatically increase the cost on the young?