I am a recovering twitternizer.

Twitternize is a word I made up; it is a combination of the words Twitter and patronize.

To twitternize is to play to your Twitter audience by either posting an entry you think the Twitter readers will like even if you do not agree with it or to avoid a subject you do believe in because you are afraid you will lose precious followers.

For example if you are a constant source of right of center political commentary and your followers almost all come from the right side of the spectrum and you want to post an entry critical of Sarah Palin you may be concerned that many of your followers are likely Sarah Palin followers and will drop you for trashing their right wing darling. You are so concerned over losing followers you decide not to post the criticism.

I finally realized that the broad freedom to share ideas with an unlimited supply of twitterers is worthless if I am to avoid topics or opinions that will cause followers to drop me.  My goal is not to collect the most number of followers. It is counterproductive to be so concerned with losing followers that I censor myself to appease narrow minded ideologues even if they lean conservative and may be a follower of my blog.

If one of my posting loses a follower because of content so be it. If you find my postings and thoughts worthy of following even if you disagree with some of them, then I am proud to call you a follower and I will be proud to follow you.