Obama is certainly in a learning curve and he needs to learn the power of the words he selects.

By constantly comparing our current financial problem to the Great Depression he raises that expectation. The result is a reluctance to spend and invest from a public fearing the worst is yet to come.

As bad as this current situation is, it is not the Great Depression. It may be approaching the recession of 1974 or 1981. In 1981 we approached an unemployment rate of 11%, today it is 7.9%. During the Great Depression it passed 25%. During the Great Depression the economy was 85% agricultural; today our economy is extremely diverse.

While Obama ran against the “politics of fear” he warns of a looming catastrophe if his “so called” stimulus package is not passed.

Instead of the strong reassurance of the words of FDR that “we have nothing to fear but fear itself,” we are told that we have nothing to fear but opposing Obama’s will and prescriptions.

FDR’s words held us together during a time of a real depression. Obama’s words serve only to make a much lesser problem worse.