I have a great view of the strip from my room on the 55th floor of the Wynn Hotel. The view to my right includes the Trump Hotel which looks like a cheap hotel from the old days compared to the classical type architecture of the Bellagio or the addition to the Venetian to my left. The Wynn is an elegant modern structure that out classes Trump ‘s penchant for luxury, holding the most expensive shops, including a Mazeratti dealership.

I know I must be getting old when I look at a casual sports jacket in a store that costs more than my first car.

I did enjoy simply holding and handling the stunning Michel Perchin and David Oscarson fountain pens that cost nearly $5,000 each. It felt like the Holy Grail. (No I did not buy the pen, and at 6’5” I would look like a Shriner in a Mazeratti, sans the fez.)

For that amount of money a Vegas showgirl should come to my house to refill it when the ink runs dry.