Neoconservatives have been blamed as an insidious cabal that has influenced our foreign policy especially in Iraq. It is a dangerous concept to believe that a small group can hijack the will of the people, but such common lies are accepted because it brings comfort to the believers. In this case it makes the solution much easier- just replace the few offenders and ‘Poof!’ world peace.

It absolves us from our responsibilities.

Alasdair Roberts in “The War We Deserve” in Foreign Policy Magazine faults the contrary movement, neoliberalism. This is the notion that we can achieve big goals without a lot of cost. It is committed to tax reduction, fiscal discipline, light regulation and free trade. It has influenced both parties since Reagan. It relishes micropolicies that promises great results at little cost.

We thought we could win a big military victory on the cheap as we had done in the first Gulf War. Pentagon advisor Kenneth Adelman predicted a “cakewalk”.

We embark on the “historic mission” overseas yet are delivered tax cuts. We refuse to restrain Social Security growth and are drifting to national health care, but believe me that America does not want to pay for that either.

Neoliberalsim promises we can have it all at a bargain basement price. I am reminded of a libertarian axiom that “a government that will give you everything you want can take everything you have.”