My daughter plays bass, guitar, piano, and french horn. She has formed a band that will play a few local gigs before school starts. We could not resist the temptation to annoy her with some potential band names.

Loose Truth, The Floors, Banzai Burgers, The Motherboards, Gastro Vibes, Suppose We Did, Foremost, Warmal Globing, White Jemima, Dakota South, and The Agnostic Nutcrackers (I really like that one) were the best of my selection. Whitney Ott added Two Hit Wonder, Not Yoko, The Tremors, and The Bypass. My wife who shares my sense of humor added some suggestions that are just too innapropriate for this blog, but when we had a band years ago she pushed for the name Black Market Babies.
Since the Rabbi played in the band we did not use it. We became the Red Sea Pedestrians.