I have found Michael Moore’s films and viewpoints intellectually dishonest, intentionally misleading, factully incorrect, and at best shallow and woefully biased.

From Front Page Magazine online

By Jacob Laksin

FrontPageMagazine.com June 26, 2007

Rather than confront the complexities of the healthcare debate, the film settles on a culprit — it’s the insurance companies’ fault! — and presents a simplistic, mendacious and deeply disingenuous paean to government-run healthcare.

Emotional exploitation is Moore’s specialty. In Sicko the effect is achieved by presenting human-interest stories devoid of any context or mitigating factual evidence. Sympathy, not the hard work of reasoning through the merits of what a government-run system would entail, is required of the viewer.

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From HKO

for the last two weeks the news page on Google has included coverage of Moore’s film every single day. How such ignorant tripe is considered newsworthy amazes me. Is it asking too much of America to disengage their left/ right mental blindness and actually think?