Watching the corrupt and the intolerant devour each other in Gaza, an American can not help but appreciate the importance of a system of law and order with the authority and the power to enforce the law. It is the critical glue that holds a civilized society together.

The Palestinians have tolerated every affront to civilization from their people as long as their viciousness was directed at their favorite common enemy, the Jews. They have been emboldened by symapthetic leftists around the world who have turned a blind eye to their hatred and violence.

Now this violence has turned on their own people; and given a chance it will turn on their Arab neighbors. The Arabs in the Middle East have used the Palestinians as pawns to accomplish through lawlessness and terrorism what their military could not accomplish on the battlefield.

They will now reap what they sowed.

Henry Oliner

a similar point was made in the Opinion Journal in an article appropriately called “Arafat’s Children”

The deeper lesson here is that a society that has spent the last decade celebrating suicide bombing would inevitably become a victim of its own nihilistic impulses. This is not the result of Mr. Bush’s call for democratic responsibility; it is the bitter fruit of the decades of dictatorship and terrorism as statecraft that Yasser Arafat instilled among Palestinians.

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