I would not normally refer to the same source twice in succession, but I could not pass up on Victor Davis Hanson’s rant:

Another Month in the War
This is a baffling sort of “containment” we’re seeing.
By Victor Davis Hanson

from National Review Online


May was another normal month in the war against Islamism. At home, a delusional Rosie O’Donnell was back at it. She reminded her viewers that the United States has killed over 600,000 innocents in Iraq. And in an impassioned plea, she and her cohorts reminded us dullards that zealous jihadists must have some understandable reason for being so, well, zealous. Perhaps she meant in the same way that the zealous Waffen SS must have had some legitimate reason for its strong feelings?

‘Jimmy Carter was also plugging another book on his Christian piety by slandering a president at war for mixing religion and politics. He reminded us that evoking God wins approval from the mainstream when it comes from the Left, only outrage when practiced on the Right. But why would Carter jettison his trope when attacking the commander in chief at a time of war had already won him a Nobel Prize? And why refrain from disparaging talk of a “war against terror” when you did the same about an “inordinate” fear of Communism?

More rockets were fired from Gaza to show the world the wisdom of the concessions granted in the Israeli withdrawal. The strategy seems to be, “See, we are incompetent and so can’t really kill too many of these Jews, so why fire back?” Or “Can’t you at least miss most of the time like we do?”

Critics who deplored the effort to depose a genocidal Saddam Hussein were urging the United States to do something to stop the genocide in Darfur — but of course always with the U.N. or EU (of Rwanda and Kosovo fame); a familiar formula: our Marines, their diplomats.

for the rest of Victor Davis Hanson’s wonderful rant: http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=MjVhNzMzOGMwMjI5YjlhNThhN2VlZDQ1NThjMzNlZDU=