Policies Have Consequences Too

The GOP lost because they are on the wrong side of the issues valued by single women, youth,  and Hispanics.  I get it.

But the Democratic victory still leaves us with a disastrous economic policy.  And now they have the presumed authority to continue down its destructive path.  Tax hikes on producers during a tepid recovery will return to recession and higher unemployment.  If they use their presumed mandate to even engage in a conversation about union card check and cap and trade, the economy will grind to a halt.

Small businessmen who were holding out for a hope of a change will be throwing in the towel.  They will be going Galt.  Large public companies will be benefiting by the closing of small competition and low interest rates.  They benefit from low rates because they can actually get a loan.  Few private borrowers can.

Perhaps now that women feel their reproductive rights are secured for at least a term and now that gays can more likely get married they may all become more interested in getting  good stable jobs and being able to qualify for a mortgage and get a decent return on their savings.

Elections have consequences, but so do economic policies.


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