Anti-Semitism at OWS Rallies

I discounted much of what was happening on the Occupy Wall Street rallies and its sister rallies in other cities.  The movement seemed shallow and unserious. Many of the marchers just sound like idiots: it was hard to find any intelligent comments from any of them.

Yes, it is easy to demonize rich people; it has been a fodder for politics and social movements for ages.  It is much easier to label a demon than to make a serious effort to understand the problem.  Large corporations are evil….. except of course large corporations like the New York Times which gives voice to such opposition. Perhaps Whole Foods is OK because they sell organic shoes and lots of lettuce. Speilberg is ok because he makes movies about evil rich people. I guess Apple, the world’s largest capitalized corporation,  is acceptable because they just have cool products.  Google, Facebook, Northface, Fender instruments and other corporation that make stuff we like are surely just the exceptions.

It should be no surprise that when Wall Street and the money industry is demonized that Anti-Semitism is not far away. Jews may be the only ethnic group that have been criticized for being both Communistic and Capitalistic.  When the mindless embrace conspiracy over substance anti-Semitism seems to thrive.

Pajama’s Media published  More Anti-Semitism at Occupy Los Angeles.  It includes episodes from rallies other than Los Angeles as well.  I recommend you view the videos at the end. The anti-Semitism is beyond blatant. Also note my recent post  Which Rich, which featured a placard of  Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein with his severed head on a pike.

This is not to conclude that all the protesters hold such views, but it does indicate that modern anti-Semitism has found a much larger welcome mat on the left side of the political spectrum. Noted leftist feminist Phyllis Chesler noted this years ago in her book, The New Anti-Semitism.   If a fraction of the these outrageous displays had been found at the Tea Party rallies (which were much larger) the airwaves would have been saturated with the images and  the movement would have never gotten off the ground.

George Will comments that the OWS movement is a gift to the GOP. Read his article, Conservatives Should Hope OWS Endures at Investor’s Business Daily. It provides a face for the left that the GOP can easily capitalize on.  Herman Cain’s direct and daring response to the OWS crowd may have been a major source that propelled his campaign in the last few weeks.


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  • Roland Berger

    I was chatting on-like with one of the big supporters (and inciters) of Occupy Wall Street. According to her,the Jewish Barons of New York are guilty of everything – of supporting the communism,of supporting Hitler,Israel is behind everything evil in the world,and the Mossad is actualy responsible for 9/11. This is pathological antisemitism,and there is nothing that one can do to correct this. But there is no need for it. Actually,more antisemitism= more Jews leaving= the antisemite country loses+ Israel gains.History is full of clear-cut examples of this,from Spain in the Inquisition time ( Spain loses great talent,Holland and Britain gains),WWII Germany loses great talent and USA gains the Jews that worked at Manhattan Project.Recently,Russian antisemitism generated one million immigrants in Israel – excellent sportsmen,soldiers,and the “creators” of Israel’s Silicon Valley, the town of Karmiel.

  • Mike

    Protesting banking corporations which may have sank the economy and required a vast bailout from the US gov’t, with very little responsibility being taken for their actions, is now beyond the pale because of historic links between Jews and banks? Preposterous. I feel also that Lloyd Blankfein’s figuratively decapitated head was figuratively mounted upon a pike not because he is Jewish, but for the actions he and his banking corporation have undertaken. His head would be there if his name was Bill Smith and he traced his ancestry back to Plymouth Rock.

    That having been said, I’m sure there are anti-Semites at these rallies. Anti-Semitism, however, does not play any sort of role in the protests whatsoever. To me, it’s a call to try and wake America up to the idea that wealth is concentrated in the hands of the few, who keep gaming the system to keep even more money to themselves. Whether these wealthy individuals are Jewish, WASPs, Indian, Native American, or Nigerian, I couldn’t care less. It’s the actions of these greedy SOB’s, not their genetic makeup.

  • I agree that anti-Semitism did not start or drive the OWS, and I agree that Wall Street has much to correct. But I also contend that DC shares a much bigger portion of the blame and that this administration’s policies are counter productive.

    But as Krauthammer noted so well, when you start this divisive class warfare game you will certainly lose control. Mindless conspiracy mongers prefer demons to solutions. When the moneyed interests are the target, those bearing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories will find a place to pitch their tent (quite literally in this case).

    The two points of the Blankfein picture is that 1) nobody’s head should be on a pike. We hear the right wings blamed for the Gifford shooting, claiming their rhetoric inflamed emotions that lead to the tragedy. Kudos to Obama for countering this. What would you expect to come from the escalating rhetoric of the class warfare represented by this picture. 2) While it may have been a mere coincidence that the target they selected was a Jew, I doubt seriously if the MSM would have seen it that way if this sign appeared at a tea party rally.

  • Sam Carter


    Thanks for your blog. I will try to check in more frequently, as the level of discourse is encouraging.

    I have noticed in commerce that most wealth is created incrementally, over a long span of years. It is a linear plot. I have also noticed that wealth, especially in the construction industry, is lost, exponentially. As Grandmother said, shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations. The OWS people would do well to study your site.

    Most of the OWS people are drones with no productive outlet for their admittedly low level of activity. Many are obviously stoned, or otherwise impaired. (Able people don’t hang out in public parks in cold weather.) My guess is that many are being paid to be on hand when the MSM show up, and I suspect any reasonably competant cub reporter could figure out where the money is coming from. A very few are highly trained “community organizers”. The rest are merely straphangers and dupes.

    These are people who have marginalized themselves through their own behavior. What they don’t appear to comprehend is that they are the authors of their own existance, like most every other American. (Most immigrants I know sense this.) They just don’t seem to have the reasoning capcity to get past envy politics. The more I hear the media buzzword greed, the more evidence I detect of Democratic Party professional staff at work promoting the inequality party line.

    Many of the people who voted for TOTUS, (Teleprompter of the United States) deserve to live in the workers paradise of Detroit, exemplar of what a century of Progressivism will get you. How far is Detroit from Madison? What kind of triangle is formed by adding Chicago. MSM needs to get out of these areas, Iowa, and New Hampshire, peer into the sticks, and learn about MSA, Main Stream America. This is a center right nation that will return to that form of representative government, soon.

    President Obama has provided us with a great opportunity. We have less than one year to exploit his gift.

    By the way, Grandmother also noted that certain families in their depression era farming hamlet, “Would no doubt be the first family to drive an automobile to the county poor farm”. We owe much to our Greek, Spanish, and Italian friends who have contributed so much to our enriched western traditions. But lets avoid their economic schemes. I am afraid that they are already loaded up like the Joads on the way to Utopia in California.


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