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The New Challenge of a Growing Economy

Most do not realize that we have not yet paid the bill for the recession and the Obama spending. Obama depended on the Keynesian multiplier to stimulate the economy. It failed because too many other friction costs counteracted it; including higher taxes, increased regulations, and a generally unfriendly business climate in DC. Even without these friction costs, the benefit of the multiplier is limited. 

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Big Spender Analysis

from Dan Mitchel at his blog- International Liberty- Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Barack Obama (Surprisingly) Is Not the Biggest Spender of All. It turns out that Obama supposed frugality is largely the result of how TARP is measured in…

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Digging Fannie Mae a Much Deeper Hole

While banks are returning TARP money, some having taken it under duress, Fannie Mae continues to lose money and receive more bailout. In return for such dismal performance executives are getting pay raises and bonuses. It is a growing contention…

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