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Progressivism and Populism

“Nothing separated Progressivism from Populism, or for that matter from all previous American democracy, more sharply than this faith in the presumptive expertise, integrity, and political authority of the academic mandarins.”

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Some Thoughts on 2017

“History does repeat itself, but the soundtrack is different, and the sequel is usually disappointing”. – HO

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Fractured Identity

We have been a politically fragmented country since its founding. That is the nature of a Federalist republic where power is dispersed and checked, and it is the genius of our constitution. A two-party system requires a coalition of interests,

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Political Trade Schools

Henry Oliner 2106 01 19 Richard Hofstadter’s Anti- Intellectualism in America is often used by liberals to explain why conservatives vote as they do.  Hofstadter was motivated to expand on the subject by the rejection of Adlai Stevenson to the

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