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Political Realities

Progress emanates from the work of a very few, unpredictably and contrary to conventional wisdom. The protection of freedom and individual rights for these few benefits us all more than the rights accruing only to the majority.

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Bureaucratic Opportunism

from Holman Jenkins, Jr. at The Wall Street Journal, Regulation vs. The American People Mr. Obama wanted to be a “transformational” president like Reagan, but transformational presidents both lead and listen to the public, and they get their mandate through the

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Regulatory Rent Seeking

from David Goldman at The Asian TImes, Deplorably, Trump is going to win That’s not why Trump crushed the Republican primaries. He won because Americans are tired of an economic elite that ignores them. Americans know the game is rigged against

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Unbridled Rent Seeking

from Holman Jenkins, Jr. at The Wall Street Journal, Regulation vs. The American People If Mr. Obama was “deeply frustrated,” the reason was the American people’s lack of support for his agenda. And what the Times calls his regulatory strategy

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Rent Seeking

an explanation of Rent Seeking Behavior and its social costs in Forbes, What is Rent Seeking Behavior Rent-seeking never encourages productivity. The production of valuable goods and services is maximized with strong property rights when little is wasted in efforts

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