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Availability Bias

“I doubt our press has any such higher purpose. It has become so besotted with availability bias—a social science term for the need to conform to accepted tropes—that it no longer has a nose for a real story. Instead it relies on leaks, and even whole “narratives,” dropped in its lap by manipulators who assure reporters they are on the side of the angels. “

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The Shame of American Journalism

“Ronald Reagan liked to quip that a government department represented the closest thing to eternal life we are likely to see on this earth. In close second is a bad journalist with the right opinions, for he will be treated as if he were the very embodiment of liberty.”

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Trump and the Press

Trump has been accused of racism and pandering to the Alt Right. However much his Charlottesville response may have failed to isolate its criticism of the white supremacists at the rally, he has little motivation to be loyal to this

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The Abdication of Credibility

Victor Davis Hanson writes 2017 and the End of Ethics in National Review Online: Excerpts: During the next presidency, will the filibuster still be bad, or will it suddenly be good again? Will there be a nuclear option again? Recess

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