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Listen to Linda

In a debate posted on YouTube between Connecticut Senate candidates Richard Blumenthal and Linda McMahon circulating on many conservative blogs and sites, Blumenthal falls for the trap set by his opponent when she asks him “how do you create a…

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Paralyzed in Cash

I have been a fan of Fareed Zakaria,l read and enjoyed his Post American World, and I like the depth of his interviews on the TV show GPS. His recent article in Newsweek (“Obama’s CEO Problem”- 7/12/20101 print edition), however,…

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Inflating the Green Bubble

Studying the financial bubbles we can see several common characteristics. During the bubble inflation we see markets taken to an extreme by financial greed, but as Walter Sowell so appropriately metaphored on the housing bubble, “blaming the crash on greed…

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Killing the Wealth Machine

Fareed Zakaria’s first idea towards  “Defusing the Debt Crisis”  in the March 8 Newsweek was to institute a value added tax.  While I supported his other two ideas (see previous two posts), I am at best uncertain on a value…

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Controlling Entitlements

It will be a bitter pill for many, but it is inevitable.

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End the Market Distorting Subsidies

In the March 8th Newsweek columnist Fareed Zakaria proposes three solutions to the debt crisis in “Defusing the Debt Bomb.” His second proposal was to “end the massive , distorting subsidies for homeownership, healthcare, and agriculture.”  I agree with him.…

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