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Can Bad Leaders Do Good?

“The framers intended to enable men of good character to have the powers and duties they needed in office to put their virtues and talents to work, consciously pursuing justice and the common good; and at the same time, the framers intended to compel bad men to serve the public even if they would prefer not to.”

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Failure to Accept Victory

by Henry Oliner The first Progressive Era from Teddy Roosevelt through Woodrow Wilson established the regulatory and administrative state and changed the nature of our government. It was tainted by an elitist view of race that used the science of…

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In Search of a New Struggle

One of the head winds facing progressivism is their own success that they are unwilling to accept.  In the absence of the great civil rights issues of the 1960’s, they push much weaker issues with much greater passion.  Ben Shapiro…

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The New Civil Rights- An Exchange of Evils

Marching In Time in The National Review Another mark is the decrepitude of today’s civil-rights movement. The evils the movement fought — state-sponsored segregation, pervasive racial discrimination — have been vanquished. In their place are evils that are, alas, less…

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