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Piketty Ignores Changes in the Tax Rules

Thomas Piketty’s Capital in The Twenty First Century, has spawned a cottage industry of dissent.  Piketty uses masses of data to illuminate a growth in inequality, that he surmises is an inevitable result of capitalism and can only be resolved…

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The Hidden Assets of the 99%

from the Wall Street Journal, The Uncounted Trillions in the Inequality Debate by Martin Feldstein: excerpts: These data seem to show a country whose wealth is highly concentrated. But the true picture is hardly as stark as critics of inequality…

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Feldstein on Growth

Martin Feldstein writes The U.S. Underestimates Growth in The Wall Street Journal: Americans are enjoying faster real income growth than the official statistics indicate, but we can achieve even faster growth with more capital accumulation, increased labor-force participation, and greater innovation that…

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Growth is Not So Easy to Measure

Martin Feldstein writes The U.S. Underestimates Growth in The Wall Street Journal: Government statisticians are supposed to measure price inflation and real growth. Which means that, with millions of new and rapidly changing products and services, they are supposed to…

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Inequality- It Ain’t What it Seems

Martin Feldstein writes in The Wall Street Journal, Piketty’s Numbers Don’t Add Up Excerpts: The second problem with Mr. Piketty’s conclusions about increasing inequality is his use of income-tax returns without recognizing the importance of the changes that have occurred in…

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Policies for Foreverland

Martin Feldstein writes in The Wall Street Journal, Piketty’s Numbers Don’t Add Up Excerpts: His conclusion about ever-increasing inequality could be correct if people lived forever. But they don’t. Individuals save during their working years and spend most of their…

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