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Health Care is an Economic, not a Political Problem

The health care problem, like so many others, is the result of making an economic problem a political problem. Our elected officials make promises in exchange for votes and power without paying for them. They hide the cost in cross subsidies, mandates, regulation, demonization, and wishful thinking.

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The Danger of a Systemic Risk Regulator

“Creating a systemic risk regulator would be a continuation of that regulatory confusion. Just as bad, a systemic risk regulator would work against Washington’s credibility in ending too-big-to-fail.  Investors would be lulled into false confidence that the government is looking

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Iron Bubbles

My first article published at American Thinker– The iron law of bubbles excerpts: But this same infatuation with talent can be attached to more than money; it can be attached to power.  With capitalism struggling to recover from yet another

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