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Mutated Hate

  from George Will, In Britain Anti-Semitism Endures “It is very easy to hate,” says Sacks. “It is very difficult to justify hate.” Anti-Semitism’s permutations adapt it to changing needs for justification. In the Middle Ages, he says, Jews were

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Political Health Care Priorities

from The Jewish World Review, The Process is the Punishment by Mark Steyn: excerpt: It is one of the many distinctive features of Obama-style “health” “care” “reform” that, while it has not led to the hiring of a single additional doctor, nurse

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IRS Discretion

from The Jewish World Review, The Process is the Punishment by Mark Steyn: excerpt: Let us also overlook the excellent treatment received from the IRS by members of the president’s family. Although acting commissioner Steven Miller apologized for the “horrible customer service”

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Rendering Scarcity Obsolete

History is filled with apocalyptic predictions from respected intellectuals.  Thomas Malthus predicted inevitable starvation as the geometric growth in fertility passed the linear growth in food supply.  But the future is hard to predict and few saw the dramatic growth in

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Smart Dropouts

While our students perform poorly on standardized tests relative to other countries, we have the most desirable institutions of higher education in the world and have a disproportionate share of Nobel Prize winners.  How is this so and do we

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A Concentration of Stagnation

George Will writes in the Jewish World Review, Hubris Heading for a Fall ( January 20,2011 – 15 Shevat, 5771)  a great analysis of why government is failing and why the political divide is widening. Excerpts: The idea that America’s

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