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A Progressive Dilemma

John Stossel writes in Townhall, The War on Women: Insurance companies still charge men more for car and life insurance. A survey of car insurance companies found that the cheapest policy for a woman cost 39 percent less than for a man.…

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Political Chemotherapy

A neighbor and friend across the street was diagnosed years ago with pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic is one of the more difficult to cure and usually requires very aggressive chemotherapy for any chance of survival. But this patient sought a second…

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You Broke It, You Own It

The biggest risk the Democrats take on the comprehensive approach to health care is that they will find it much harder to use the health insurance companies as the demon to unite their troops.  They may try to continue to…

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Attacking the Over Insured

There hasn’t  been much I have agreed with in the swamp of health care proposals, but I did hear one idea that made sense; a surtax on the Cadillac plans. This addresses one of the problems of our system. Due…

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