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A Culture of Contempt

From Ted Van Dyk at The Wall Street Journal, The Democrats’ Biggest Problem Is Cultural: The Democratic voter exodus began in 1968 when millions of traditional blue-collar and middle-income voters moved to Republican Richard Nixon or third-party candidate George Wallace,

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Political Thoughts 2016 05 28

From whatever biased analysis I can render on Trump he seems to be a Progressive- much like Perot- He believes in strong central executive power, majoritarian democracy, pragmatism over constitutional  or economic principles, and charismatic leadership. As a pragmatic leader

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The Iron Law of Political Reform

From the Wall Street Journal, How George McGovern Made Donald Trump Possible by Phillip Terzian: Mandate for Reform was issued almost 50 years ago, and half-forgotten as soon as its guidelines were adopted. But looking at it, I realized that

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