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Conspiracy Theories

Mistakes are undramatic. We all make them, but many would prefer the drama of sinister motives and conspiracy theories  to the realities of bad judgment and human error. It makes for better headlines and fodder for book titles. Conspiracy theories…

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Three Components of a Conspiracist

from the Daily Gut- (just added to my recommended sites) go here So Charlie Sheen recently penned a fictitious conversation between himself and President Obama – one in which he questions our Commander-in-chief on the big 9/11 cover up. Yes,…

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A Preference for Conspiracy

The ‘birthers’ have been derided as a part of the lunatic fringe of the right and appropriately so.  Like others who take fanatical positions, no amount of proof seem adequate.  Yet as Jeff Jacoby reminds us  in his column such…

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