The Republicans have become the party of the blue collar white male, a constituency that used to be solid blue.  The problem is that this is not a dependable voter base. Trump’s success largely came from motivating this traditionally blue group to vote for him.  White college educated women are one of the most dependable voting groups. Trump suffered a loss of the conservative suburban women.  Maybe they will return if determining that Biden’s did not live up to his centrist position, but Trump sacrificed a dependable voting constituency for a volatile, fragile, and far less committed one. What happens to this group when Trump is no longer on the stage?

While the Democrats fear new voting rules will make it harder for minorities to vote it may have an even greater impact on white blue collar votes which are currently trending pro Republican/ Trump.  It is not in the interest of the GOP to make voting more difficult, though they may be unaware of this new dynamic.

The 2020 election illuminated the diversity among the hispanic vote.  It is no longer a single dependable block for Democrats.  Cubans, Mexicans, Venezuelans and Puerto Ricans have different voting priorities. Apparently the only agreement they have is disdain for the LatinX label. It describes nothing.

What is more interesting is the alienation of  BLM activists due to Covid vaccine mandates. Trump’s support increased among Black voters but just marginally.  The focus on systemic racism (as defined by the left) politicized institutions that Black voters now do not trust.  It is not the old tale of the Tuskegee experiments that concerns them, it is the recent refrain of systemic racism of all white people.  Why should we be surprised that many Blacks do not trust Fauci and Biden?  Add to it the contempt shown the Black media idols like Rhianna and Niki Minaj.  Regardless of the merits of their statements, politics is now the turf of entertainment and these singers have much more followers than the pundits criticizing them.  The younger generation of Blacks do not share the commitment to the Democratic party of their parent’s and grandparent’s generation who were active in the Civil Rights struggle.

Sports events became political platforms for the left, making it acceptable for large crowds from the right to shout obscenities about Joe Biden. What you tolerate you teach.

Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican you cannot incite a mob and expect to control it for long. The French learned this long ago.

“When illiberal means are used to create or impose liberal ends the nature of the means will determine the resulting ends.” -Don Boudreaux