Every tax increase is not a socialist threat.

Every act to improve law enforcement is not a fascist threat.

Every disparity in outcome is not the fault of systemic racism or white or male privilege.

Every effort to make voting more honest and accountable is not a repeal of the Voting Rights Act.

Every effort to move appropriate decisions to more accountable local levels (federalism) is not a return of Jim Crow.

The greatest flaw of progressive ideology was to think that government administrative power could be exercised without partisanship. We depend on government to protect us against special interests without thinking about what happens when the government itself become the most threatening special interest. This became much worse when the public sector was allowed to unionize.

In a dynamic economy inequality is inevitable.

Reform is seductive; the flaws of the status quo are always clear- the flaws of reform are hypothetical and far into the future when the accountable are no longer in office.

Big ideas have big consequences: when you eat like an elephant, you shit like an elephant. This is true in the corporate world where the price of failure is very high.  It is far more dangerous in politics when these ideas are enacted by people with no skin in the game and very little accountability.