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Incompetent Conservatives

The January 2013  issue of Commentary asked 53 writers and conservative leaders What is the Future of Conservatism? This is part of the response from Bret Stephens, I know it’s a small thing in the scheme of the universe that Ashcroft should have been…

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A Democracy is Difficult

John Agresto writes Was Promoting Democracy a Mistake in the 12/12 issue of Commentary. Excerpts: So what led me to rethink the view that the coming of democracy to Iraq, and subsequently to the whole Middle East and beyond, would…

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Why Poverty Persists

Ralph Reiland writes A Key Economic Lesson in American Spectator, 1/2/13 Excerpts:  In 2012, “the federal government will spend more than $668 billion on at least 126 different programs to fight poverty,” in addition to “welfare spending by state and…

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