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How Wars End by Gideon Rose

Amazon Book Review How Wars End by Gideon Rose

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Captain Hindsight

Southpark nails it yet again:

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Thoughts on the Political Economy

Our economy is in dangerous territory. Obama inherited a mess; a bubble that was a culmination and a combination of reckless leverage, poor regulation, misguided fiscal policy, major shifts in the global economy,  and mistaken monetary policy.  A lot of…

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Ignoring the Problem is Not a Solution

That people should wish to be relieved of the bitter choice which hard facts often impose upon them is not surprising. But few want to be relieved through having the choice made for them by others. People just wish that…

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Canada Gets It

At a time when we require a cosmic struggle just to NOT raise taxes, our neighbor to the north is cutting taxes on corporations to a rate almost half of ours.  In the Wall Street Journal’s Canada Slashes Business Levies…

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An Educated Lack of Vision

One of the reasons I am skeptical of global warming/ climate change apocalyptic scenarios is  that throughout history such predictions have almost always proven wrong. Thomas Malthus (1766- 1834) was actually correct when he suggested that population growth would be…

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