Walt and Mearsheimer lended academic credibility to ancient anti-semitic beliefs. Ex president Jimmy Carter, added to the myths and lies perpetuated from the Middle East with his recent book, and now Democratic Rep. Jim Moran of Virginia “called the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) “the most powerful lobby and has pushed this [Iraq] war from the beginning. I don’t think they represent the mainstream of American Jewish thinking at all, but because they are so well-organized, and their members are extraordinarily powerful — most of them are quite wealthy — they have been able to exert power.” (quoted form 9/20/07 Opinion Journal’s Political Diary)

It is interesting to note how Pat Buchanan was marginalized by the Republicans when he insisted that Israel was beahind the Iraq war. Whether it is Jimmy Carter, George Soros, Noam Chomsky, or now Jim Moran- the new American Anti Semites and Anti Zionists seem to find greater acceptance among their Democratic colleagues. Yet Jews will probably continue to vote Democratic.

A survey of American Jews will find over half of them opposed to the war. AIPAC made a conscious effort to avoid any actions to influence the war. At the last conference in March in DC I heard more representatives voice opposition to the Bush invasion than support. But like the other anti Semitic idiots facts mean little. Israeli ambassador Dore Gold noted that not only did they stay out of the debate, they actually then thought that Iran was the greater threat.

Anyway I will now expose the roots of the Jewish conspiracy.

80% of the Jews vote; more than double the remaining populace. How sinister.

Jews are far more likely to donate to their political candidate, which is overwhelmingly Democratic and anti Bush. How terribly sneaky is it to use your legal constitutional rights to support your candidates.

Jews do have more money than the average American and their method of accumulation is absolutely horrifying. They are better educated and attend college at a higher rate. At only 2% of the population they comprise about 15% of the lawyers and 15% of the doctors and even a greater percentage of college professors, artists and entertainers. Go figure- better educated and getting better jobs; how could they be so selfish.

Jews are far less likely to get divorced, which is the greatest cause of family financial distress. They are also far less likely to be an alcoholic or drug dependent, though both of these trends are changing for the worse. 40% of the top philanthropists are Jewish.

Much has been written about why these statistics about American Jews are what they are. What they show is that Jew’s success and influence is not from any conspiracy, but from living the American Dream. Every action they take is available to every other American.

These ignorant anti Semitic people only look to the Jews as a scapegoat, refusing to believe that these actions could have been taken for any other reason. Belief in a Jewish conspiracy is so much easier than trying to explain complicated problems and issues.

There is no Jewish Conspiracy. You would be hard pressed to find two Jews who could agree what to order for dessert.