A Cancer of the Federal Government

William McGurn makes a great and scary point, more worrisome than the ethical abuses  and lies that surround the Clintons-

from the Wall Street Journal, Even Worse Than Clinton’s Emails

It’s a disturbing pattern, and unfortunately it’s not limited to State. There have been similar questions about the integrity and professionalism of the IRS ever since the American people learned in 2013 that it was unfairly targeting conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status.

Three years, many congressional hearings and disappearing hard drives later, there is still no evidence the IRS has ended the practice. Just last month, a three-judge panel of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals described the IRS approach to its targets this way: “You’re alright for now, but there may be another shoe falling.” This follows on a March ruling from the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, which blasted the IRS for refusing to produce a list of those it had targeted—as well as for its bad faith in defending itself by invoking a rule meant to “protect taxpayers from the IRS, not the IRS from taxpayers.”

Originally the speculation was that the IRS effort had been orchestrated by the Obama administration. As the Journal’s James Taranto noted at the time, the IRS scandal is worse if it was notdirected by the White House. “If it ‘went rogue’ against the Constitution and in support of the party in power,” he wrote, “then we are dealing with a cancer on the federal government.”

The Spirit of the Truth


There are varying degrees of lies.  Ignorance is not a lie, making a prediction that does not come true is not a lie, and it seems that in the world of politics making a promise that you do not keep or even intend to keep is probably considered less that a full on fib. “read my lips, no new taxes.”

Technically I guess if one actually believes what he or she says is the truth, then it is not a lie even if it involves rationalization bordering on the pathological.

What is most common in politics is misleading, intentionally or out of ignorance, by using only a part of the truth.  I have claimed in this blog before that a part of the truth can be much more misleading than all of a lie.  When one parses the truth with the intent to either mislead or just to assuage their own guilt ( “ that depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is”) or uses similar mechanizations with the intent to mislead, then we can get caught in the veracity of the word ‘lie’. When this happens the accused struggles to justify compliance with the word of the law or the question, but completely obscures the spirit of the law or the inquiry.  Sycophants will rationalize away such accusations, but in the end we know they are attempting to mislead us. We depend as heavily on complying with the spirit of the law or honesty as the letter and word.

In private business relationships we would never accept such parsing, rationalizations, and excuses. Once the trust is breached we would fire them and never enter a relationship with them again.  We should do the same in politics. If we do not then we deserve the leaders we get.

The Political Crime Syndicate

Kevin_Williamson (1)

From National Review, Kevin Williamson writes Political Poison;

We have a special problem in the United States, which is that the Democratic party is more of a crime syndicate than a political party, and it is deeply embedded in institutions ranging from the universities (where manufactured hate crimes and phony rape cases are used as political weapons) to the prosecutors’ offices (which bully law-enforcement personnel and file specious felony charges against politicians for such ordinary actions as vetoing legislation) to the unions (see California) and the schools. It doesn’t matter how many laws Hillary Rodham Clinton breaks, or how often she lies about it — the attorney general is a Democrat, and that’s that. Tom DeLay can be brought up on felony charges for allegedly having broken a law that wasn’t even on the books at the time he was said to have broken it (the case was eventually laughed out of court, after it had ended his political career, which was the point) but IRS criminal conspirator Lois Lerner is going to spend the rest of her days enjoying a fat pension at your expense.

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/429803/flint-water-scandal-democratic-pattern


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The Heart vs Wisdom

The wise — as opposed to most of the highly educated — know, among many other things, that when you give people something for nothing, you produce ungrateful people; that when you obscure the differences between men and women, you end up with many aimless men and angry women; that when you give children “self-esteem” without their earning it, you produce narcissists who enter adulthood incapable of handling life; that if you do not destroy evil, it will proliferate; and that if you are kind to the cruel, you will be cruel to the kind.

From Dennis Prager’s
When Good People Do Bad Things
If you really want good to prevail, the key is wisdom, not the heart.

in National Review Online