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The Most Treacherous Political Myth

from Don Boudreaux at the great Cafe Hayek, Quotation of the Day: … is from page 144 of Anthony de Jasay’s brilliant 1998 volume, The State (original emphasis): Private property, capital as the source of countervailing power, reinforcing the structure of civil…

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From Hubris to Chaos

Kevin Williamson writes in The National Review, The Brute Force Left excerpts: The problem, as various capital-”F” Fascists and National Socialists and Communist politburos and Vox readers all discovered in their turn, is that even if these dispassionate and disinterested managers existed…

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Tax Lessons Unlearned

Thomas Sowell writes ‘Bait and Switch’ Taxes in The American Spectator, 9/5/12 excerpt: The Constitution of the United States had to be amended in 1913 to permit the federal government to collect income taxes. Almost immediately, very high tax rates…

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A Wasteful System

“Nothing could be more repugnant to (Woodrow) Wilson and (Louis) Brandeis than the idea of accepting the great trusts and then using government to regulate them. To the evil of monopoly would be added the evil of big government controlling…

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Peace- Hope vs Results

Woodrow Wilson was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to create the League of Nations.  The United States did not join the League of Nations .  This precursor to the United Nations was powerless to stop the Italian…

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