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Why CRT Is Doomed

“Hiring practices and workplaces should be fair and welcoming to all, employees say, but mandatory diversity training premised on the ubiquity of “unconscious racism” and “white fragility” is coercive and insulting.”

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Fighting to Retain Enlightenment Values

They are not blind to the shortcomings of those ideals, nor are they willing to ignore the value of those ideals.  Only by demonizing Enlightenment values can we find racism in math and science.  In reacting to CRT as they are they are fighting to retain Enlightenment values.

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The Quicksand of Optimism

from the WSJ and William Galston,  What Would Madison Do About the Budget? When it comes to government, I am a die-hard Madisonian. The chief intellectual architect of our constitutional order knew that public officials would always be torn between…

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The Politics of Nostalgia

William Galston writes Populism Rises on a Wave of Frustration in The Wall Street Journal excerpts: Populism offers many satisfactions. Its narrative is clear and easy to understand. It identifies villains—corrupt officials, unresponsive bureaucracies, arrogant elites, large corporations, giant banks,…

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Expanding Inequality is the Result of Misguided Fiscal Policy

This administration which demonizes the rich, bemoans growing inequality, and holds redistribution as a high value has in their stunning ignorance achieved the opposite results they claim to want.

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