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Welfare Institutions

Kevin Williamson is probably excerpted or curated at Rebel Yid more than any other writer.  In this piece that should be read in full he notes the critical but rarely sited distinction between the welfare state and socialism. In this…

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Work Works

From The Daily Signal, These States Added Work Requirements for Food Stamp Recipients: Here’s How It’s Working Out by Nathan Mateer and Rachel Sheffield: Maine, one of the most proactive states in reinstating work requirements for food stamps, saw its caseload of able-bodied…

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Work and Poverty

The left is unable or unwilling to articulate any limitation of the welfare state and unable or unwilling to acknowledge the social costs of long term dependency. Moves to push the recipients to work must recognize and correct the policy…

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Where the Money Is

from USA Today, Glenn Harlan Reynolds writes Middle-class savings like blood in the Water: When a government is desperate for cash, it goes after the middle class, because that’s where the money is. Yes, the rich are rich, but the…

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The Anti Poverty Career

From George Will in The National Review, Our Mushrooming Welfare State: Transfers of benefits to individuals through social-welfare programs have increased from less than one federal dollar in four (24 percent) in 1963 to almost three out of five (59…

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We Serve the Bureaucracy

From Jeff Jacoby at The Boston Globe, Is this any way to help the poor? Excerpts: At the end of 2012, a record47.8 million people were on food stamps. Of the 115 million households in the United States, 23 million —…

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