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Green, Red, and Blue

In a democracy the administrative state will eventually become accountable; much to the dismay of the progressives who thought themselves insulated from the democracy they championed.

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Welfare Institutions

Kevin Williamson is probably excerpted or curated at Rebel Yid more than any other writer.  In this piece that should be read in full he notes the critical but rarely sited distinction between the welfare state and socialism. In this

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Running out of People

  From The Death of The American Welfare State by Daniel Green Field at Sultan Knish Birth rates for women on welfare are three times higher than for those who are not on welfare. Within a single year, the census survey found

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The Limits of a Welfare State

From The Death of The American Welfare State by Daniel Green Field at Sultan Knish Between 1990 and 2010, the number of immigrants over 65 doubled from 2.7 million to 5 million. 25 percent of these senior immigrants were over

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The Welfare State Two-Step

from Our Economy Is More Like China’s and Europe’s Than We Care to Admit by Kevin Williamson at National Review: We got Medicare, Medicaid, and government housing projects. It impossible to calculate (and nearly impossible to imagine) what the country would look

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