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Investors Are Not Stupid

The editors of the Wall Street Journal write An Economy Built to Stall-  With a third slowdown in three years, maybe the problem is the policies. 6/12/2012 Excerpt: Maybe Milton Friedman was right that “temporary, targeted” tax cuts don’t change…

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In Search of Political Relevance

I do not pretend to speak for the other voters.  I was fortunate to be traveling during much of October so I missed most of the trash and noise masquerading as campaign information.  I truly do not care about college…

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Left Handed Optimism

Sometimes optimism and contrarianism can complement each other.   Here is a thought. The health care bill is so unpopular and causing such outrage that other damaging proposals like the Union Card Check bill and Cap and Trade may have no…

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The Second Wave of Unemployment

One of my  colleagues in the steel business has closed his business. Like our business his was started by his father in 1955. Ours was started in 1956.  He had about the same number of employees (70)  a year ago…

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The Seeds of our Next Crisis

One of the most intriguing concepts of economics is the concept of “moral hazard.”  It is a corollary to a more obvious principle that everything has a cost. An understanding of it is critical for those whose world view is…

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