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Was the Financial Collapse Overstated?

Many traditionalists, including Warren Buffett, lashed out at the stress tests as wrong and unnecessary. He was quoted in the Financial Times complaining that Citigroup’s high-profile problems had tainted the entire industry. Most of the banking institutions were relatively healthy,…

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“Bull By The Horns”- a review

Sheila Bair was the Chairman of the FDIC under Bush and later reappointed under Obama.  In Bull by the Horns she gives her perspective on the housing crisis and the financial collapse. Sheila was a Republican and voted for McCain,…

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Try Leadership Over Demonization

Victor Davis Hanson writes in the National Review 4/21/11 Make the Rich Pay Or how about the Cabinet? Excerpts: the now-demonized top 5 percent account for almost 60 percent of all federal income-tax revenue — a higher percentage than anywhere else…

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