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Elitism and Democracy

from Why democracy can’t be democratic all the way down – and why it matters by Ilya Somin in The Washington Post: One of the standard rationales for the idea that we have a duty to obey democratically enacted laws…

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Confirming Failure

from The Volokh Conspiracy, Let’s recall why the Affordable Care Act is so messed up by David Bernstein: Few people, including Senators and their staffs, had time to read the whole 2,700 page bill, much less note any possible weaknesses,…

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A More Dangerous Foe

A common question from my conservative friends is why Jews vote so overwhelmingly for the Democratic Party. Jews voted for Obama with nearly 80% of the vote and his less than warm reception to Israel baffles many observers. One reason…

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Protecting The Promised Land

The Making of a Libertarian, Contrarian, Nonobservant, but Self-Identified Jew by Randy Barnett Barnett’s father, a strongly identified Jewish atheist, took the lesson of the Holocaust to be that individual rights needed to be protected against the tyranny of the…

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Science- The Method vs The Institution

From Faith in Science by Glenn Reynolds in the New York Post: Excerpts: In fact, given that Americans have grown broadly more skeptical of institutions in general, it’s not surprising that conservatives are more skeptical of scientific institutions than they…

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The Economic Problem

A post by Todd Zywicki at The Volokh Conspiracy gives a nice summary of Hayek’s position and distinguishes between the Welfare state and central economic planning. Dionne vs Hayek. Excerpt: Hayek did not believe that “if you begin with welfare…

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